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The "île de beauté" is a unique treasure,

a timeless bubble where everyone is on Corsican time to enjoy life in an exceptional and preserved environment. It offers a total change of surroundings, making us forget our daily worries.

Corsica is a paradise for epicureans. 

Between the simple pleasure of savouring an authentic cuisine, the satisfaction of discovering the highest peaks in Europe, and the charm of a white sandy beach with turquoise water: hedonists in quest of emotions are always delighted. The island is generous for those who take their time, and the wellness it brings is boundless.

In the villages where we wander happily, a thousand smells blend and imprint us forever: a subtle scent of thyme, fig and chestnut trees, a hint of rosemary, or a few notes of pine...

You can hear the Corsican accent at each step, and on the café terraces, we get together with conviviality: we tell stories, exchange smiles, share glasses of wine around delicious Corsican delicatessen and cheeses...

The "île de Beauté" is thus an unequalled place that combines marvels and immerses us in a magical picture. It offers us extraordinary sensations and takes us to grandiose landscapes where nature prevails, between sea, maquis, and mountains. Corsica unveils itself each time more and reveals its secret which dazzle us from all sides.

It is the whole spirit of the "île de Beauté" that welcomes us in CINTU ...

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CINTU Corsican wines rosé

CINTU carries this so unique Corsican art of living which invites us to travel. 

An invitation that we cannot refuse, and which offers to all the so desired escape, far from the everyday life and its worries.

Оne lets itself be transported with pleasure into the universe of the "île de Beauté", thanks to tasty wines from authentic and sunny terroirs.            

At CINTU, the epicurean philosophy and the "back to basics" rule! 


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