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Leaning against the mountains and open to the sea, the landscapes formed by the wine estates throughout the island are a true marvel.

Corsica, the southernmost vineyard in France, is characterized by several key factors for the culture of the vine: the soil, rich and diversified, the abundance of sunshine, the influence of the winds rushing through the valleys and the geology that regulates rainfall. 


This Alpine and Mediterranean territory favours typical and distinguished wines, making the wine taster travel.

On the east coast of the island is located Aleria with its vast and fertile plain where vineyards have always stood side by side with olive and chestnut trees. The Phocaeans of ancient times managed to domesticate it to produce wine. It is thus between Solenzara and Bastia that the crib of the CINTU vineyard is located. 

The diversity of terroirs in our vineyard allows us to bring this beautiful complexity, characteristic of CINTU wines.

The classification of the plots is carried out using satellite photos and computer processing that
classifies the plots according to their vigour (Œnoview process).

CINTU corsican wines map.jpg

The vines thus flourish on 3 terroirs:



Located near the sea, this plain terroir is essentially composed of sand rich in alluvium, bringing all the fruitiness and crunchiness to the CINTU blend.



This terroir of clay plateau is located around a forest of eucalyptus trees. The soil is deep and therefore later, making it easier to bring the vine to full maturity.



Used to define the border between Haute-Corse and Southern Corsica, this geological fault is for us a micro-terroir thanks to schists, granites, and metamorphic rocks. The vines growing in this area are selected for the most qualitative vintages.

CINTU Corsican wines beach sea waves.jpg

With modern tools, we monitor all the vineyard plots to obtain the best ripeness from the grapes, allowing us to obtain this typical blend of CINTU. The island grape varieties such as Sciaccarellu, Niellucciu and Vermentinu combine with more classic varieties like Syrah and Grenache to offer gourmet and fruity wines.

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