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CINTU harvests are carried out at night, which limits our environmental impact by avoiding energy-intensive processes. This night harvesting also has the advantage of preserving the aromatic potential of the berries as much as possible and of offering you authentic wines that are a source of pleasure.


Foe CINTU rosé, we carry out specific work on the emblematic grape variety of the region, the Sciaccarellu:

  • Cold pre-fermentation maceration of a few hours (skin contact) before pressing,

  • Racking and fermentation at controlled temperature. The objective of maceration is to favour the extraction of the components of the skin, in particular the precursors of "spicy" aromas typical of Sciaccarellu, to increase the aromatic and gustatory complexity of the wines.

For the varieties of the blend, Niellucciu and Vermentinu we work as follow: 

  • Direct pressing then first racking

  • Cold liquid stabilisation for 3 to 6 days on fine lees, with stirring, before fermentation. The aim of this technique is to obtain rosé wines that are more aromatic, richer, and longer in the mouth.

  • At the end of fermentation: racking and ageing on fine lees. Filtration is operated just before bottling.

For CINTU red, after the harvest, we use there again two vinification techniques on the Niellucciu and the Syrah:

  • Warm pre-fermentation maceration of 24 hours followed by a cold maceration of 4 to 5 days. The objective is to extract a maximum of anthocyanins and fresh fruit, and a minimum of tannins on the plots classified as "fruity".

  • Traditional maceration with delestage of 10 to 20 days. The objective of this gentle and longer extraction is to obtain the best possible expression of the fleshy character and tannic potential of the grape varieties located on the plots classified as "traditional".

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