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 Savour the authenticity 

 of the "île de Beauté" 

CINTU Corsican wines rosé.jpg

CINTU pays a true tribute to the "île de Beauté" by creating refined, racy, and generous wines that take us to this unique corsican universe.


They are the result of the union of the emblematic grape varieties of Corsica.

The Sciaccarellu, which means crispy, is perfectly adapted to fine and elegant rosés,


The Niellucciu, is the variety used for red wines, full of personality, with a tannic structure and full-bodied,


The Vermentinu, also called Malvoisie de Corse, is blended to produce aromatic and fruity rosé wines. 


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CINTU Corsican wines Medaille or Gilbert
Gold Medal Frankfurt international troph
iwsc2021 bronze - Cintu rosé.png

CINTU rosé is blended from the autochthonous grape varieties Sciaccarellu, Nielluciu, and Vermentinu, along with Grenache. The fresh and fruity aromas that make up this elegant wine are full of finesse and make it an ideal partner for Mediterranean gastronomy. All in all, CINTU rosé is a true invitation to travel to these sunny beaches surrounded by lush vineyards.

CINTU Corsican wines red.png

CINTU red is assembled around the Nielluciu and the Syrah. The Corsican grape variety is perfectly adapted to the difficult conditions of the island and matches perfectly with the spices of the Syrah. While CINTU red can be drunk chilled in its youth, it also gives opulent wines with good ageing potential, allowing for diverse food and wine pairings.

The bottle is magnified by a carefully hand-painted label on which the Monte Cintu can be seen, as well as the wind and the Mediterranean Sea. The emblematic Moorish head engraved on the bottle brings the final identity touch recalling the values and the Corsican Art of Living.


On this bottle all the peculiarity of Corsica is depicted: from the history of the men and women who forged this culture to the landscapes shared between sea and snowy peaks.

CINTU Corsican wines rosé red.jpg
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