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 CINTU, Corsican jewel 

 between the sea and snowy peaks 

CINTU Corsican wines tour génoises

In the core of the Mediterranean sea, you can find a paradise which remained for long secret and still mysterious: Corsica,


also called le de Beauté" by her greatest admirers! Corsica is still a destination synonym of pleasure, discoveries, and new surroundings.

CINTU wines have the ambition to offer this disconnection to as many people as possible through authentic and pleasurable wines. CINTU pays tribute to this Corsican strength of character and to the legend of this captivating island surrounded by vineyards, creating wines that live up to it, overflowing with sunshine and flavours.

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"Monte Cintu", 

Corsica's roof

Cintu, represented on the wine label, is the nickname of the highest peak on the "île de Beauté". This sharp rock of both hostile and bewitching beauty stands proudly in the Corsican sky and culminates at 2706 meters. Up there, the panoramic view fascinates. The neighbouring peaks reveal themselves and the sea merges with the horizon. This perfect conjugation of altitude and coastline is the very identity of this unique territory marked by its art of living, its authenticity, its rich heritage and by its proud inhabitants in love with their Land.

CINTU Corsican wines landscape sea mount

Epicurean pleasure and the promise of exoticism sum up the entire universe of CINTU vintages. 

These wines represent a lifestyle, a Corsican energy, authentic and tasty. They live along with us, as a reminder to make the most of the present moment.

CINTU vineyard is located between the sea and the mountains. It is surrounded by incredible landscapes, from snowy peaks to white-sand beaches…

The three terroirs which form the CINTU vineyard are bathed in sunshine and enjoy an ideal climate thanks to their proximity to the sea and the mountains.     

CINTU offers fine and elegant wines based on a blend of the island grape varieties, magnified by a bottle showing the emblematic head of the Moors. A nod to Corsican artists: the watercolor of the label glorifies the Mediterranean Sea and the highest mountain of Corsica: Monte Cintu.

CINTU Corsica, vins corses.

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